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Evaluating KMb

How does evaluation fit into a knowledge mobilization (KMb) project?

Maybe you’ve got some really valuable findings to share or maybe you’ve found a successful way to implement an evidence-based program. Whatever it is, you’ve done something great and you’re looking to share what you’ve learned and experienced with others.

But how do know if you are using the best strategy? How do you know if the information is getting into the hands of the right people? Are those people using that information? How are they using it?

This is where evaluation comes in. Evaluation can help you assess your knowledge mobilization efforts, and it is a key component to your project’s success.

What is the expected impact of your initiative?

It’s important to take the time when you’re starting your KMb efforts to consider what you hope to achieve. This will help you plan the scope of your project and select the best evaluation approach.1

Your evaluation strategy will depend on the change you’re looking to achieve. Is it to:2 3 4

  • increase awareness of your findings, current issues on a topic or knowledge in a particular area?
  • increase the user’s capacities to apply knowledge?
  • change service providers’ beliefs or behaviours?
  • influence a program or policy?
  • integrate knowledge into a decision-making process?
  • prompt a cultural shift?
  • increase collaboration among knowledge producers and users?
Key considerations for evaluating KMb
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Knowledge Management Form

For more detailed guidance on planning an evaluation specific to your knowledge mobilization initiative, download the knowledge mobilization plan here!
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